At West Hills Hospital & Medical center, we offer a full body lift for patients who have lost a significant amount of weight, and patients with a significant amount of loose, sagging skin. A body lift is ideal for anyone who has undergone gastric bypass surgery and lost weight within a short period of time. Because the skin is unable to accommodate such rapid weight loss, gastric bypass patients are sometimes left with unattractive folds of skin around their back, stomach, thighs, arms, breasts, neck, and face. At our plastic surgery center in West Hills, we use a full or partial body lift to eliminate this loose skin and tighten the remaining skin. The result will be a smoother, firmer body that feels lighter and looks better than ever.

At our West Hills Hospital & Medical center, every body lift procedure is customized for the needs of our patients. Depending on the amount and location of excess skin, we can focus our efforts on one particular area of the body like the thighs or arms, or perform a complete upper or lower body lift. Our goal is to help our patients feel better in their bodies, and help them overcome every obstacle that may arise after weight loss. For the best results, our West Hills patients can opt for a lower body lift, which includes a tummy tuck, or a complete upper body lift, which may require a Neck Lift and Breast Lift.

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A body lift is an ideal procedure for patients that have had significant weight loss over a short period of time. This is common with gastric bypass surgery; the patients skin doesn’t always retain the elasticity necessary to shrink back to a new, smaller body shape.

What to Expect

There are several different types of body lift procedures in order to accommodate a wide variety of patients. A total body lift is the most comprehensive procedure, and is for patients that have excess skin all over their body. You should be prepared to stay at home for up to six weeks, and follow all instructions your doctor gives you. There are many other types of body lift procedures, with a variety of results and recovery times. Your doctor can help you choose which procedure is right for you.

Before & After