When your nose is out of proportion with the rest of your features, the entire balance of your face can be thrown off. A rhinoplasty procedure, or nose job, can bring harmony to your appearance by creating symmetry between your nose, eyes and chin. At our practice in West Hills Hosptial & Medical center, we can perform a rhinoplasty procedure for cosmetic enhancement and also to correct breathing difficulties associated with a deviated septum. If you feel your nose is crooked, too large, too wide, or if you would like to get rid of a bump or raise a droopy tip, our West Hills Hosptial & Medical center cosmetic surgeons can help. During a rhinoplasty procedure, we will sculpt and shape the nose, contouring both the cartilage and bone until we reach optimum size and shape.

At Cosmetic Physicians of West Hills Hosptial & Medical center, we tailor our rhinoplasty procedures to the individual needs of our patients. During your rhinoplasty consultation, we will work with you to set realistic goals for the procedure, and discuss how to achieve the most natural looking result. If you’re looking for a nose job in West Hills, please visit our Before and After page to view some of our amazing results.

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The best candidates for rhinoplasty are physically and psychologically healthy, and should have ceased smoking. Age is another consideration; patients considering rhinoplasty should be in their mid teens. At this age (around 14 or 15 for girls, a bit older for boys), the nasal bone has matured and the development of the nose has stabilized.

What To Expect

Primary rhinoplasty is commonly performed in an outpatient surgical center, and can be performed under local or general anesthesia in 1-3 hours, depending on the case. Secondary or revisionary rhinoplasty is more difficult, and thus can require more surgery time than a primary rhinoplasty.

After your procedure, internal tubes and a splint will be placed inside your nose to provide support, while another splint and bandages will be placed on the outside of your nose to protect the new nose structure. You may experience some bruising that extends to the eyes or other areas of the face. Any external sutures are removed 4-5 days after the procedure, and the splint is removed after 1-2 weeks. Any bruising or swelling will disappear after 1-2 weeks as well. Rhinoplasty is not a particularly painful surgery, but you will need about a week to stay home for recovery. You will have frequent follow-up visits with the surgeon in the months following your procedure to check on the progress of your healing.

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