What is stem cell therapy?

Stem Cell therapy and Regenerative medicine is an effective option for individuals who want to manage the aging process and combat the ill effects of diseases or degenerative changes associated with aging. Stem cells have the unique property of being regenerative or able to repair tissues in our bodies. Stem cells are immuno-privileged. Immuno-privileged cells are able   to target diseased areas, repair the affected tissue without creating an inflammatory response.

What will your program address?

Our RegenVida program will address knee pain, joint pain, back pain, or musculo-skeletal degenerative issues using your body’s own unique healing components to resolve pain, improve mobility, restore function, and reduce inflammation in your joints. Each individual in our program will receive a targeted treatment approach.

We also use a combination of platelet rich plasma (PRP), which are specialized cells used to maximize the healing properties of a damaged or diseased area.

I’m an athlete; I am concerned about this therapy.

The advantage of stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP infusion) is that we are using your own cells for repair, it is NOT a drug. Therefore, your body’s own chemical composition or metabolites will not be altered.

Why is it so important to treat tissue and not create inflammation?

With inflammation, in particular chronic inflammation, there is an imbalance: too many pro-inflammatory chemicals which are destructive in nature as manifested by pain, swelling, and redness, compared to anti-inflammatory ones which help reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling

Cancer, diabetes, depression, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s—these seemingly diverse diseases are increasingly thought to have a common denominator: inflammation.

Why are stem cells so unique?

Stem cells are Pluripotential. Pluripotential cells are able to differentiate (or transform) into a variety of cells that may may need repair, such as nerve, bone, cartilage, muscle, or fat cells.

Where do we get the stem cells from?

Our fat cells in our body contain a very rich source of stem cells. Stem cells in our body fat tissue, or adipose tissue, contain thousands of concentrated stem cell cells.

The best source to harvest ASCs from one’s body is the adipose tissue. Below is a comparison of three sources:

1.    Bone marrow – About 50,000 ASCs can be harvested at any one time. These mostly become blood cells.

2.    Peripheral blood – About 10,000 ASCs can be harvested at any one time. 50% will become blood cells and 50% will become tissue cells.

3.    Adipose tissue (Fat) – About 10 to 50 million stem cells can be harvested at any one time, 5% will become blood cells and 95% will become tissue cells.

Does the retrieval of adult stem cells (ASC) harm anyone?

No. There are no ethical issues with the use of ASCs because these cells can be obtained from adult human tissue. In our clinic we harvest our stem cells from adult adipose (fat) tissue. Through a very quick and simple procedure, we extract our patients own fat cells. Therefore with your stem cell harvest (autologous cells) there is no chance of cross contamination or rejection. We use your own cells for repair!

In addition, there  is no need to require the destruction of cells that could potentially become human life.

How soon will I see results?

It typically takes about 3-4 weeks for your regenerative sells to begin repairing your damaged cells.